The Akashic Records for Anxiety

An alternative, soul-wise approach (that works!) to support you in getting rid of stress, anxious feelings, & overwhelm.


Do you see other people who AREN’T struggling like you are, and wonder what their secret is?

Do you wonder why YOU can’t seem to make it stop?


After all, you’ve…

  • Followed other people’s advice.
  • Tried meditating, Reiki, and deep breathing.
  • Maybe even had coaching or counseling before.

But there is something deeper at play, something you can't quite put your finger on.

If you are tired of feeling frazzled, on-edge, and anxious, the good news is that what you are experiencing can be reversed!


And you don’t need to learn to “manage” anxiety forever like some will tell you.

"When I realized what I had been doing, and chose to no longer do that, I felt such relief and peace. Hard to fully express, but such a relief. I cannot thank you enough. Such a simple act, yet so amazingly empowering."


The SOLUTION to getting rid of anxiety lies in uncovering the REAL reason WHY you are experiencing what you are so that you can fix it.


And this is where the wisdom of the Akashic Records comes into play!

The Akashic Records

Imagine a giant library filled with books on every soul that was created...

Your personal soul record contains:

  • ALL choices you have made, not just in this lifetime but in others.
  • Information about your soul's purpose, gifts, and the specific way you manifest your desires.
  • What areas of your life are misaligned, thus creating stress and struggle.
  • Your state of well-being at every moment, and what chakras are balanced and which ones are not.
  • The story behind any past-life, unresolved issues that are continuing patterns of anxiety.

Your personal soul book HOLDS THE SOLUTION, and accessing it can tell you how to stop struggling!

"Working with Lore was the best thing I ever could have done. The clarity she provides is incredibly specific, empowering and grounding. By learning what she uncovered for me, I feel both freer and more aligned than ever."

Common mistakes people make when trying to get rid of anxiety are:
  • They only focus on their SYMPTOMS such as trouble sleeping, migraines, or lack of focus, versus digging up the REAL problem.
  • They think their feelings are happening TO them versus seeing anxiety as a messenger that something is off. (Are you listening?)
  • They are looking for the solution in all the WRONG places. (What works for others won’t necessarily work for YOU!)
  • They keep putting off doing something about it because they believe they are effectively “hiding it” and that others don’t notice so. (People just don’t say anything until they REALLY get fed up - and oftentimes it's too late.)
  • They don't consider the energetic impact of past-life choices and karmic patterns. (Ever wonder WHY you SWEAR you will stop doing something, but find yourself knee-deep in the chaos over and over again despite your best efforts?)

Stop feeling frazzled, anxious, and on-edge, and finally get the peace and calm you so desperately want!

Relief Awaits You

Imagine your life when you can:

  • Sleep soundly though the night (or fall asleep quickly) so that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized to start your day.
  • Feel productive, creative, and focused at work so that you can be on your "A" game for clients, your team, colleagues, and/or your boss.
  • Feel calm and centered in your body so that you can experience what it’s like to just RELAX again.
  • Be fully present again to enjoy quality time with your spouse, friends, or kids.

Introducing A Simple, 3 Step Process

Uncover the Real Problem

I locate your personal soul book from the Akashic Records and dig up both the present and past-life blocks that are creating your current situation.

Clear Negative Energies

After you have gained awareness as to WHAT is not working and why, and the negative energies at play, we clear them from your personal soul record.

New, Aligned Action

Since the Records hold all the information as to HOW you can experience inner-peace and joy, we create a plan to do more of THAT.

Can I tell you a secret?

YOU hold all the answers

It's in your Akashic Record.  It's within you!

The Records allow me to access YOUR truth, YOUR solution, not mine or someone else’s.

"My reading with Lore was one great big confirmation with lots of detail about a lot of things that I had hunches on. It was thrilling to get so much clarity about areas of my life that I have struggled, and about areas of my life that I was already happy with. Lore was patient, and super supportive through the entire process, making sure that I understood the information she was giving me and answered any questions that I had as they came up. The clarity to move forward with confidence was a huge game changer for me. I'm eternally grateful that I found Lore, and thrilled to recommend her to anyone else searching for answers."


Something that mainstream media and some religious/spiritual communities don't want you to know is...

You are NOT meant to struggle!  You are meant to experience life with as much joy, good health, success, and abundance as you want - while fulfilling your special purpose in the world.

Struggling is NOT the human condition!! 


1:1 Time With Me

This is a 60-minute reading to dig up what's REALLY going on.  

We find the source(s) of the anxiety and get super clear as to what is not working for you and why.  It is the meat and potatoes as it gives you tremendous AWARENESS, clarity, and confidence (yes, confidence).

This is a video conference session but can be held by phone if your Internet capabilities are restricted.  

This session will be recorded for your convenience so you can go back and access the details of the reading at any time.

Action Plan

You will walk away with a plan of action to make the needed shifts to bring your mind, body, and soul back into a state of inner-peace and well-being.

While the clarity and information you get from the reading is super important, it is equally as important to make shifts and tweaks in what you are DOING.

After all, you can't lose weight by sitting on the sofa eating chips all day, even if you know what to do instead.


Clearing & Clearing Homework

I clear any past-life blocks and restrictions that are contributing to your situation on your behalf, and request they be "resolved" in your Record.  You also have 21 days of clearing homework to integrate the changes.

Don't worry, it's not time consuming or "hard".  But it will help you free yourself from the constraints that are keeping you stuck in your current circumstances.


**Please note, any 1:1 time with me is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.  I abide by confidentiality laws as per my psychotherapy degree, although this service is NOT to be considered clinical psychotherapy.  

Who This Reading Is NOT For

I do not work with everyone so please note who this service is NOT for.

This is not for you if:

  • You are experiencing stress, overwhelm, and anxious feelings due to a recent or unresolved traumatic event.  (Hey, even a difficult divorce can be traumatic.  But if you are still caught up in the emotions of it all, and need basic support, please seek a local counselor or trusted guide.)
  • If you are unwilling to make any changes in your life.  (If you keep doing what you are doing now, you will keep getting exactly what you have now. Any transformation requires DO-ING different.)
  • If you just want to complain or vent about your situation.  (There is a time to vent to someone you trust about the pain you are experiencing.  But there is also a time to take charge of your life.)


Who This Reading IS For

This is for you if:

  • You are ready for change.
  • You are tired (and totally over) struggling on a daily basis.
  • You are open-minded and willing to look at things differently.
  • You have a good sense of humor.
  • You are willing to DO things differently.
If this sounds like you, and you are ready to ditch the anxiety for peace, calm, and joy instead, let's get started!


Lore Earley Goldstein is a licensed psychotherapist, sought-after intuitive, and is known as "The Digger Upper of the Unseen". 

She works with professionals and business owners to uncover the root cause of why their life or business is not working the way they want it to so that they can finally fix it and move forward.

She has helped thousands of people move past anxiety, overwhelm, self-sabotaging behaviors, and overall unfulfillment so they can reach their personal and professional aspirations.

"Expect the unexpected. It was quite an eye opening experience to talk with Lore. I had an issue that was bothering me for quite awhile, but after our session together (actually even during the conversation) I realized that I could make a few changes, and even see the whole situation in a new light. It is really good to talk to someone who really 'gets me' and guide me with practical 'how to' with reality."


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